I just learned that Disney recently hosted its first Gay Pride Parade at Disneyland Paris. I want to express my disbelief and concern.

Disney amusement parks are considered a safe place for families to enjoy time together. Disney has especially excelled at entertaining and captivating children.

But parents do not want Disney to indoctrinate their children with a political agenda. We will not hesitate to boycott Disney’s movies, products, and parks if this indoctrination continues.

I ask you to cancel any future “Magical Pride” or other scheduled gay pride events to protect children. Please keep Disney a welcoming place for people from all backgrounds and beliefs.

We are coming closer to the 500,000 signatures we need before tomorrow’s deadline. Can you help us out?

LGBT activists continue to pressure Disney to use its influence over millions of children to indoctrinate and encourage them to accept gender ideology.

And as a result, the family-friendly Disney franchise is becoming a hollow shell of what we have come to love for generations. Now, Disney’s wholesome entertainment is being replaced with LGBT-inclusive events and cartoon characters meant to warp the minds of innocent children.   

But CitizenGO is fighting back. 

We will not let our children be brainwashed by Disney or any other big company into accepting LGBT dogmas or the transgender ideology as the new “norm.” On November 20th we will be delivering close to 500,000 petition signatures from around the world to Disney at Disney World in Orlando.

Please add your name today!

Sign the petition demanding the Walt Disney Company President and CEO (Robert A. Iger) to stop the LGBT propaganda and gender indoctrination at Disney before our November 20th deadline.

CitizenGO’s continuous campaigning against Disney’s attacks on traditional family values has gotten their leadership’s attention, and now they are nervous — meaning there is no better time to increase the pressure.

This is exactly why the CitizenGO team is taking the fight to Disney’s front door by delivering a van filled will 500,000 signed petitions (we already have 420,000 petitions) on November 20th. 

But in order to have the maximum impact, I need support from people like you to join us in this battle against Disney. We must ramp-up CitizenGO’s efforts against this dangerous indoctrination before our fast-approaching November 20th deadline. 

So please read my email below detailing this important fight to demand the Walt Disney Company President and CEO, Robert A. Iger, to stop the LGBT propaganda and gender indoctrination at Disney before it’s too late.

Add your name: Please, help us reach 500,000 petitions signed to demand the Walt Disney Company President and CEO (Robert A. Iger) and the Disney Board of Directors to stop indoctrinating our children before it’s too late!

Thank you,

Gregory Mertz and the entire CitizenGO team