Today is a special day in the History of the United States. It is a special day to honor our military men and women, in other words, it is the Veterans Day. Every year on November 11, Americans honor the 19.6 million active and former US service members who have gone to war.

November 11

We at Trendingtrendsnews honor the military men and women who served the US army in the times past, the ones that are serving, and the ones that will serve in future. It is a great honor to have you looking at our borders.

Every one, businesses and restaurants across the country are saluting veterans and active-duty military personnel Monday. They’re offering free meals, treats and special discounts on Veterans Day to show their appreciation for all those who have sacrificed so much for the country.

The National Parks Service, too, is waiving entrance fees in honor of the federal holiday which is a cool idea. Veterans Day, which is celebrated every year on November 11, honors all those who served in the military, whether in war or peace.

vet Day 11 november

First recognized as Armistice Day in 1919, Veterans Day marks the date when Germany and the allies signed a 1918 agreement to cease World War I hostilities. The fighting ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month hence celebrated on the 11th Day of November.

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veterans Day

We say congratulations and all the best to our military personnel.