On the National Cat Day, every avid and responsible cat owner is busy ensuring that their furry little friends are comfortable and happy. Although many pet owners solely put more emphasize on their dogs, it is time now that the cats also are recognized.

These little buddies come in all colors, sizes, and temperaments. Cats rarely get sick unless you mess up with the type of food they are used to and such stuff. However, you can keep your cat healthy all through by ensuring that you gain some knowledge on how they should be kept safe.

National Cat Day

Are you running short of celebration ideas on the National Cat Day 2019? It will be my pleasure to introduce to you the best tips to have in mind to keep your cat healthy. Here are some of the major tips:

  1. Grooming them regularly
  2. Having enough and clean litter boxes
  3. Have enough scratching posts
  4. Providing enough and fresh water every day
  5. Keeping their teeth clean
  6. Visiting a friendly vet regularly
  7. Transporting them safely

How are these tips beneficial to you as the cat owner and to the cat? Well, we have discussed every tip and by the end of this article, you will be knowing what to do in this year’s National Cat Day. So let’s get started.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy on the National Cat Day

1. Regular Grooming on National Cat Day

Every vet will tell you the importance of grooming your cat with the right shampoo and all the necessary combs. In the process of combing and grooming your cat, you remove the dead hairs that the cat can easily ingest when self-grooming.

National Cat Day

When the cat has swallowed these dead hairs, it will eventually form hair balls which tampers with the digestive system of the cat. Besides that, you will have a chance to inspect the body of your cat to see whether there are any bumps, lumps, or any other irregularities. Why not groom your cat this National Cat Day?

2. Enough and Clean Litter Boxes

Have you ever seen your cat urinating outside the litter box? Well, if you have it is a sign that your litter box was untidy. Cats are known to like a clean environment and if you happen to have dirty litter boxes, they will not use them.

It is advisable to have plenty of them for flexibility purposes. Ensure you change them regularly and keep them tidy.

3. Enough Scratching Posts

Cats are known to love playing through scratching certain areas. If you don’t have a scratching post, you should have enough of them and let the cat get used to using them.

Having scratching posts protect your furniture from being messed up by the cat and also keeps their claws in the best condition.

4. Having fresh water

Whether it is a National Cat Day or any other regular day, you need to keep providing the cat with fresh water. Many cat owners, ignore the fact that cats also need water beside the milk you give them. Always provide safe drinking water to your cat daily.

5. Ensure their teeth are clean this National Cat Day

Healthy Cat

I know you could be wondering how to brush your cat’s teeth. Well, no worries, you are not the one to do it. There are professional vets in various cities and states that can help you in that. Tartar that rests on the teeth of your cat can lead to gum diseases and other related feline diseases.

6. Having Regular Visits to the Vet

You will always need a vet to keep your cat healthy. Cat veterinaries have been doing a great job in ensuring that cats remain healthy throughout the year.

To get a certified feline vet, you should visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners.This will enable you to have the right vet who is not only qualified but also friendly to your cat.

Visiting vet in this year’s National Cat Day will help you identify any issue related to your dog. Perhaps you will know whether you have an overweight cat and the necessary steps to take.

7. Safe Transportation

This is one of the many things that give a great headache to the cat owner. Fortunately, you can say goodbye to insecure transportation when visiting your vet. There are great carriers that allow your cat to roam without restrictions in your cat without disturbing you while driving.


It is time to give your cat a treat this year’s National Cat Day. Remember that this day comes once a year and you can make it memorable and fun-full to you and your cat.

You now know the activities to engage yourself with in this year’s National Cat Day. Make it happen and keep your cat healthy.